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Civil society actors, especially NGOs, increasingly work across borders to influence regional and global politics. Building on the groundwork laid during its successful first year, this strategic project (SP) seeks to understand the formation of transnational networks of NGOs and individual policy entrepreneurs, their interaction with governments and international organisations, the effect of their activities on their organisational structures and working practices, and their impact on regional and global politics. 

There are three streams to the project:

  • Stream 1 addresses NGO policies and practices, particularly in regard to policies and working practices that frame relationships with intended beneficiaries and European/international partners.
  • Stream 2 focuses on transnational civil society networks in terms of cross-border contacts, patterns of cooperation and the institutionalization of cooperation, particularly in a regional/EU context.
  • Stream 3 centres on transnational civil society interaction with political authorities, which examines factors that shape relationships between civil society actors and institutions at the state, regional and global level.

The project received funding in July 2015. It aims to produce several high-quality publications and at least eight external funding bids. Members will stage an international conference on the history of regional integration organizations and their links with INGOs, as well as four workshops with policy-makers and NGO practitioners. Members will also generate impact by advising NGOs on their internal policies, particularly in regard to their Europeanisation strategy.


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